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Welcome to the FamilyHistoryBuddy.com website!

Want to know more about your Family History?

If the answer is yes, then you've come to the right place!

FamilyHistoryBuddy.com is a website which offers a state of the art service when it comes to tracing your Family History.

Specialising in tracing Scottish Family Trees, FamilyHistoryBuddy.com has a wealth of knowledge and experience that will enable us to trace back through the years of your family. We can build your Family Tree step by step through the generations supplying you with a true and honest representation of your family line that you can proudly share with relatives and friends.

Whether you are looking to trace a single birth or a surname line through a number of generations then FamilyHistoryBuddy.com is here to help!

FamilyHistoryBuddy.com Branchline information:-

  • No payments in advance required

  • Secure Payments Using PayPal

  • Official Registration Certificates supplied

Finally, the FamilyHistoryBuddy.com promise to you:-

Nothing traceable? Nothing Payable!

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